What is structured wiring?

Structured Wiring is a generic term used to describe many types of residential wiring products that distribute a variety of data signals throughout a home.

Cable Television, telephones, intercom and ethernet computer networks are common examples.

Structured Wiring panels were developed as a means to centralize and organize the miles of cables and individual system panels required to distribute Multi-Room TV, Camera Video, Phone Service, Multi-Room Audio, and PC Network & Internet services to each room in your home.

Whether you are building your dream home, remodeling or setting up a home network, structured wiring can save you time and money.

We ask you the critical questions, look at your home plans, and design a voice-data-video solution that will fit your needs and budget. While planning ahead for futrue technologies.

Our qualified installers and technicians complete the job, leaving you with a seamless, fully integrated enviroment.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Its more important now than ever before that you have your house properly wired.